‘The Yellow Brick Road’ a daunting and scary path to take that’s for sure, but one that is known to eventually reach the destination of the mystical Land of Oz. The current process of convergence is the exact same as the yellow brick road, there may be many alternate routes and dead ends but just like the yellow brick road it will eventually reach and ultimate destination. The characters in the wizard of Oz are exact comparisons to the components of convergence. The scarecrow a character that is originally lacking brains eventually becomes extraordinarily intelligent and resourceful just like recent technologies. Technologies have evolved over recent years becoming more resourceful and smart having the ability to co-exist with a large range of platforms to benefit the user. The tin man lacks a heart something that makes him very serious though by the end of the movie he shows compassion and understanding and this is our industry character. Along the path industries have taken a greater role in the form of convergence being a greater asset to the team to get to the final destination. Dorothy is presented as the creative mind (hello, she created the entire realm of Oz in her mind) and this I why she is the consumer.  The use of creativity to produce new ideas is something that brought both the Tin Man and Scarecrow closer to the final goal. The Cowardly Lion is convergence in itself! At the start it is something we act very cowardly and afraid of but at the end of its duration with the help of technologies, audiences and industries it will become a proud and courageous part of global media.



3 thoughts on “It’s Time To Embrace Convergence

  1. Convergence has finally become clear to me! The analogy is a perfect representation of the changing technologies along side industries, but more so with the active participants of the audience who have become less cowardly over the industries through the use of ever-growing technologies allowing our creative sides to reach new heights. The audience has been able to grow with the guidance of technology, almost levelling out the playing field against the audience and the industries creating more projects that are closely linked the audiences at hand.


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