Open and Closed platforms are the talk of the town this week (maybe not the town but definitely in BCM112) and what a stir they’ve caused. In the major Apple vs Android debate it was easy to segregate who likes what when it comes to their iPhone in regards to customisation and control over the content. I personally am #TeamiPhone mainly because I would have no clue how to root an Android Phone. Though sometimes the iPhone may not be my best friend in the whole world sometimes it does come in handy especially when it comes to taking my amazing Instagram photos. Instagram, that media platform that since 2010 has taken the world by storm. It’s an application that encourages prosuming to the max. You can re-upload, comment, like and follow theres basically no limit to what you can do. 

Instagram is very much so an ‘open’ platform that has very little creative restrictions. You can upload and edit your own, or other saved photos, both inside and outside the app. There are very good marketing opportunities within the app, with the ability of brands to have sponsored ads or using the app as a constant platform to keep in touch with consumers. From bloggers to celebrities to stores Instagram offers a use for everybody that has the app.

Its also not locked to a specific platform either. You can use it on apple and android systems as well as having an access online with an internet app. Instagram have taken it one step further now introducing two new apps that help you create more content. Hyper lapse and Layout are there new apps that are still linked with Instagram but can allow you to create more then just your standard photo.

Instagram is such a great platform for its consumers and in todays converging society it offers quite a lot for industries, technologies and its audience.

Instagram is on the rise, its been labelled to be the biggest social media platform of 2015 (x). Facebook advertisement is in decline with Instagram opening up a much larger and easier to reach audience. Between 2011-2013 an estimated 3 million Facebook users turned their favourite social media platform to Instagram (x). It is a much wider platform that allows much more creativity then any of its other competitors.

Instagram being an open app makes it all the better. It models a way that maybe other apps should definitely follow.

Thats all for this week, make sure to check out a few of the links in the post to read some more information about Instagrams other apps and the change between Instagram and Facebook.




One thought on “Openstagram

  1. I like how you have steered away from the whole ‘Apple Vs. Android’ debate and instead given strong examples as to how Instagram has had a great influence on consumers, and is therefore an open platform. I especially agree with where you have stated that Instagram offers a lot for industry. I believe it truly does, as Instagram isn’t only ‘open’ for individual profiles, but for all types of businesses to advertise their goods and services free of charge. It really is a great platform !


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