Time to Empower Some Users!

This weeks lecture revolved around audiences and convergence. We’ve discussed technologies and industries and now we’ve finally hit the big topic of the audience and how important their role is within this beautiful trio that makes up the world of convergence. In todays age the audience plays one of the largest roles in the massive change. The following prezi discusses the new role of audiences and how different platforms encourage user participation.

The importance of interaction between all three of the groups requires a trust. A trust for audiences to use content on the terms of the creator. And a trust from industries on making content available as well as allowing it to be remixed and remediated by a range of technologies and audiences. Make sure you check out the prezi for more information.


Sources and other sites to check out:


Instagram, Snapchat, and the new age of game marketing

All About Utilising Social Media While Job Searching


One thought on “Time to Empower Some Users!

  1. Your prezi is very detailed and points out a lot of valuable information in terms of audience and convergence.You point out their importance and roles across media platforms, and this is what it’s all about! Maybe next time you could think of some more specific examples, but I found a bit of struggle trying to do so with my post for this week too. Great post overall 🙂


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