Tedlight, a Remix Novel.

Here is a small BCM112 story that I have written about the lecture this week on Remix. I tried to create my own remix parody and I must admit it is horribly shocking. Starring all your favourite Lecturers including Ted Mitew and Dr Andrew Whelan. Enjoy the mix of a real life story and a vampire phenomenon.

Today was not a usual day in the Peace Stadium. As Ned swooped onto stage he pulled at the neck of his cape awkwardly. The room was dark and the air was cold, just as everybody liked it.

“Ah hello…” he began holding the microphone to his mouth, capturing the attention of his pupils. “Today we have a guest feeder… I mean speaker.” He spoke, causing the audience to look at each other in shock.

A guest speaker! They had never had one of these before. The new face took to the stage and introduced himself as DJ Drew, a man who remixed beats for his living. He looked out into the audience getting himself ready for the information he was about to deliver.

Time was ticking… the students were thirsty…thirsty for blood. DJ Drew began to shake in his boots. His heart was racing. His pulse quickening. The students could not contain themselves any longer.

As much as they thirsted for knowledge, they thirsted more for blood. It was in that moment that they pounced.

And as they closed in on DJ Drew he cried. “Long live the 6 second drum loop.”

The End.


One thought on “Tedlight, a Remix Novel.

  1. Absolutely love it. What a fabulous way to summarise what remix culture is. Especially considering the first remix we were shown involved the wonderful Buffy the Vampire slayer, and the blood sucking nevaland fairy (seriously twilight vampires are not real vampires) lol. I’ve always had a fascination with vampires, even as a kid. I enjoyed all of Anne Rice’s vampire chronically, Christopher Pike and a few other randoms I can’t quite remember. If you’ve. It already done so I’d read some of Anne Rice especially if you’re a Steven King fan as her writing is very similar. You should keep this story going, maybe write one for the remaining weeks? There is nothing wrong with giving storytelling a go, I think you did well.


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