This weeks post is  soundcloud about Transmedia. This audio podcast is about Transformers and how its been very successful in the concept of Transmedia. Check out the link below to the sound cloud post, hope you enjoy.


Transformers. A story of Autobots versus Decepticons that has lasted for many years. Transformers is an entertainment franchise originally produced by Hasbro and Japanese Takara Tomy in 1984. The company first began with a Transforming alien robot toy cars and has now expanded to encompass comic books, animations, video games, books and films.

The Transformers comic books were created by Marvel allowing them to create wild and crazy stories that could also possibly delve into the Marvel SuperHero Universe. This has infact been done already.

GI Joe, which also has a marvel story line, included Cobra a terrorist organisation. This then later crossed over into Transformers where Cobra was the team of bad guys that found and reactivated the Transformer bots.

Since 2003 Transformers has continued to thrive with a Live-Action Film Franchise and the continuation of toys, games, comics and cartoons.

Transmedia in this instance has proven so beneficial to the story of the transformers. There are many different platforms telling different stories all about one big story. Each different story has great input into the larger picture making it a prime example of transmedia.

In the 2 decades since Transformers was born, the tie between toys and entertainment have been a great market ploy allowing the transmedia story of Transformers to be that of a great success.

Jeff Gomez Reveals Secrets to Transmedia Franchise Development at CineKid


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