We used to be the audience… Now we’re the news

Throwback to the time where we weren’t on the internet, we didn’t have twitter or Facebook and we didn’t get the chance to create our own news. Personally I do not ever remember such a time, as I have grown up in an age of technical convergence so I live and breathe technology and all its forms.

However there once was I time when I had no ability to be able to live report on sudden news. It is now affordable and easily accessible to create your own news platform with the likes of live streaming apps, Facebook and twitter.

From one distributor, there are now many. With little to no gate keepers to keep news relevant and up to date. Though classic news telling is still occurring. There may come a time that this will not occur.

There is no more Journalist ethics, there is no more waiting to get all the facts. It is a current see and share age where if you capture it then you can make news on it.



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