The Best Retail Experience


I am a shopaholic. Nothing gets me higher like the scent of fresh clothes that I have bought or taking off the packaging of a new perfume. However I think the thing that commits me most to buying a product is the way that I am treated in a store.

Often when I wander I am not looking for a direct product however if a sales person can connect to me I may in fact make a purchase.

An example of this was one time that I was in Priceline. All I really wanted was some makeup remover but I eventually found myself in the makeup isle. Just browsing along an attendant came up and caught my attention and asked what I was looking for. Realistically I did not need a new eye liner but I suggested to her that I did want to try something new. She was so pleased to be able to help me and went above and beyond what I had asked of her offering her services of a makeup trial to try find the right product for me.

I think that without her excellent sale skills and willingness to spend her time to help me find the right product I probably would have walked out of the store empty handed and not made a single purchase at all.

I am very thankful for this amazing retail experience, without the lovely girl at Priceline I would not have the perfect product to make my liner look amazing every single day.


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