Research Proposal

Freedom of choice is both a blessing and a curse. For one I get to choose what course I take at University,  but I also have to choose the direction of my own education. A struggle that comes along with this is the need for extra stimulus to support my education. As a poor uni student who studies full time whilst attempting to maintain a job I often wonder how people manage to afford the necessities.

This brings me to my research question. “What is the highest amount of money you will spend on a second hand textbook?”

This topic is both useful to the University and schools nation wide. Many cannot actually afford to buy brand new textbooks so why is there not a better support program to help us get the stationery that we need for university.

This question has stemmed from some other research projects about the rise of textbook prices and the cost of living to people aged 18 – 25 who attend university as well as maintain extra-curriculars and jobs. In 2013 an American study suggested that the price of textbooks were increasing faster then tuition and inflation.

I hope that in researching for this topic I can find an answer that is helpful and offers solution to the current struggles of university students.




One thought on “Research Proposal

  1. I love the focus on second hand text books, but I’m thinking you need a question that’s focused on proportion of cost price new. That is, would you pay 50%, 75% etc? I’m also interested to know more about the alternatives that students develop to textbook purchasing. Are people pooling resources to share for example?

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