The Emergence of Screen Culture in Retailing

I recently smashed my phone… and the first thing to go through my mind was ‘how will I ever go on?’

Photo on 27-04-2016 at 2.23 PM

It is sad to say, but my life pretty much revolves around my phone. I socialise, check my bank accounts, read emails, reply to emails, pay my bills, oh an yes I also shop on this tiny screen. This is screen culture, my daily life involved and influenced by the technology infront of me available on my laptop, my iPad and my tiny little mobile screen.

Today our lives are revolved around these screens and it is sad to see that not every brand is using this to their advantage. Due to the emerging of screen culture, the rules of retail have been rewritten (Stuart,2014) all to accommodate for this culture that we have been informally learning (Schiffman et al, 2014) from the world around us. We learn this from such a young age children are using iPads such as the baby in this video.

Gone are the days that marketing is directed to us via print formats such as magazines, now we are given messages in places that we are normally not even consciously aware of. It has become important for companies to integrate technology to change our consumer buying process.

Screen culture is what influences my choices as the consumer. Mobile marketing is difficult as more often the publicity of a brand is put in my hands (arnoldboilingbroke, 2015) , it is easy for me to share the good, the bad and the ugly all from within the confined space of my own home. Just having a website is not enough for a brands need to adapt to the multiplicity of screen that now have our attention (arnoldboilingbroke, 2015). 

ASOS, have been recognised at the top leading eRetailer. By measuring and assessing the entire end-to-end digital experience of the fashion retailer, data was gathered from the experiences of the consumers. ASOS was the top of the retailers for its digital customer experience, due to inspiration homepage and exceptional site navigation. Consumers said that they were impressed by a ‘seamless experience across digital devices and extensive range of product features'(TRB, 2016). ASOS leads exceptionally with the emergence of screen culture allowing consumers to compare between different brands and prices all within the one site, and amongst multiple platforms.

From our favourite celebrity showcasing their new favourite product on instagram, to the sponsored post on your Facebook, we too are becoming brand advocates in our daily lives. Marketers know from the presence of the screens, that the repetition of advertising messages both creates and reinforces the cultural beliefs and values of the brand (Schiffman et al, 2014) so we are often encouraged to become the social advocates.

Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 2.52.38 PM

However, mobile advertising is becoming increasingly challenging because of its intrusive nature, and the limitation of screen sizes across mobile devices (Shankar et al, 2010). Companies need to embrace screen culture by making their sites easily accessible and available across multiple platforms with all the relevant information that a consumer needs when making decisions.

Screen culture has changed the way that consumers interact with each other, this is the challenge that marketers must face. It doesn’t take you long to see how screen culture has changed retail, just scroll through twitter and you can find a hashtag that will either boast or roast a brand.


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