Do textbook prices affect our study?


Thanks to the person who replied burrito on my research survey about textbooks, I’m now really hungry and can’t even think about writing this blog post to convey to you my current findings.

If you have not already taken my survey and are a marketing student please do so at this link:

The point of this research was to find out the way that textbook prices have an affect on our attitudes and participation in study. I hypothesise that I will determine people believe  textbooks are costly and are often not used to their full advantage.

So far my findings have fuelled my curiosity, they are somewhat surprising but not straying too far from my vision. Many students are wanting alternatives to textbooks at university and are saying that they would appreciate the assistance financially by deferring costs to HECs or the SAF. I am also surprised to find that so many students purchase textbooks at Retail prices, I suppose however someone does need to take on this burden to fuel the second hand textbook industry.

If you have any questions about my research study or would like to participate and assist my findings, feel free to contact me on twitter: @Eliza_bush, or leave a comment and I will reply to you quickly.

Also, if anybody has any suggestions on how to further make this study beneficial I would definitely love to hear from you!

Thanks again for all your help,






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