Who doesn’t love space! It has so many meanings with different interpretations. From the stars in the sky to the open plains around us I want to welcome you to my ‘space’. In this sense it is my blog, but my space is also many other things.

It has been a year and a half since I have moved to Wollongong and I always find myself coming back to my space in my bedroom. For a while it was quite empty, all my personal belongings had moved with me and the room was bare. It has always been important for me to come home to Canberra and reconnect with my family and friends. I much prefer seeing them in person than simply texting or having phone calls with them.

Its hard living in two places but I am privileged enough to be able to do so. With the presence of tehcnology in my life I can come home and still watch a lecture that has been recorded in Wollongong or talk to my friends that are 251 km away. Despite the distance I can still be a part of their story and them a part of mine.

I want to welcome you to one of my media spaces. A photo wall in my bedroom that comprises of different media, different people, different times and different places. Like Massey described in the book For Space (2005), space is not a container but something that happens because of the way time and people flow around networks. I think this wall perfectly describes my space.


I was looking at this wall the other day and realised the intricacy of all of these images. Something I can view all at once that represent where I am or maybe even where I have been. Images from 1996 to present that represent me who I am, what I stand for and what I have accomplished. Photos that my parents have taken on film cameras and photos I have taken on a digital camera. Pictures created in magazines, photobooths and polaroids that all tell a different story while I have the power to sit here and remember each memory.

Like my photo wall, digital media space is multiple channels with multiple stories. I can easily see around the globe whilst being in the space of my own bedroom, I can learn from my couch and I can view television from my classroom. I believe we often get lost in this space, creating content in our online presence for ourselves and those we surround ourselves with.

Our lives cross path with people we never see again, friendships come and go but our internet connections are forever. Maybe I am not quite seeing the right definition of media space but then what even is the real idea of media space? I certaintly don’t know but look forward to finding out more.

Catch you all around

Eliza x


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