About Me

In 2015 I made the best choice of my life. I moved away from home to pursue something that even I wasn’t 100% sure of, to attend University and to gain experience outside what I have ever known.

I have lived in Canberra since I was 4 years old. That was 14 very long years with many friendships and moments that have created fond memories in my heart. But at the end of 2014 I received an offer to the University of Wollongong that I could not turn down. I told Mum and Dad that I wanted to leave and that was a really hard thing. To leave the two most supportive people in my life as well as my younger brothers was a really hard choice to make. Through many tears we parted ways and I made my way to Wollongong searching for something new.


It’s quite the funny story of how I’ve met my two best friends! I was alone on Orientation day when Georgia asked me, the loner, if I wanted to sit with them and it was an offer I could not refuse. At the time I tried to have a laugh and say that we were going to be friends forever. This of course happened and to this day Monique and Georgia have become the two greatest people that I have ever met. They are both strong amazing girls and the love I have for them because they just get me, I don’t know but I am just so thankful for them in my life!


I’ve decided to pursue my degree down the path of Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations. Who really knows where that will take me but I am sure that in time I will know. I have surprised myself I think with how strong and capable I am both in my personal life and how I learn.

Though at times I do struggle, I think I made the best choice I ever could moving away from home for Uni. We don’t always know what is going to come next but with positivity and strength only good things can come! We’re over half way there and things are still looking up!

So if you’re reading this, I hope you enjoy my blog and enjoy my little journey that I am on. Hope to hear from you.


Eliza x 🙂