Essay Paragraph 1

Hey there guys, this is my first paragraph for my BCM112 Essay on the affect of convergence between Livestream and the audience. If you have a spare minute or 5 mind having a quick read and letting me know if you think i am on the right track? Maybe there is something else that you think I could include in order to make it a bit more interesting!

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Nobody Panic, The media is here to help… kinda

Moral Panic is a concept described by Stanley Cohen’s as a threat to societal values and interests presented in a stylised and stereotypical fashion by the mass media. He also states that editors, bishops, politicians and other right-thinking people often control the moral barricades. The creation of moral panics stems from issues of representation and censorship within the media. Today many people believe that there is too much exposure to ‘Adult media’. This is seen as a problem, creating moral panic, as it is known that the portrayal of violence, sex and drugs and alcohol in the media can affect the behavior of children (Earles 2002). From interpretation of this panic we are taught that childhood sexuality is dangerous and something that we want to demolish completely. Majority of these panics come from the underlying assumptions that are made when viewing images in relation to children and the ideas of sex and beauty.
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Why it matters who owns the media.

Media ownership around the globe is a pretty big thing. The fact that in todays society media plays such a major role in almost everyones lives, media ownership has the power to shape and influence the globe. The Government creates set rules in order to ensure media diversity and that ownership is fair and not one sided. The SBS states that ‘These rules apply to commercial broadcasting licences and licensee companies, individuals and companies who control them and to directors of such companies’ (x). Media ownership is in decline and this could be a very bad thing for viewers everywhere.

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When the Image Lies


Welcome back to Media Myth busting week 2. Todays lesson…ADVERTISING.

Advertising works based of connotations, the things that we take on the image past what is prominently shown to us. Many advertisements globally take this approach to make their audience thing past what they are being shown. The likes of many brands like to use controversial topics within there ads to drive conversation about their brand and their products.It’s a clever technique however it can sometimes cause controversy within the branding making an unhappy audience. Continue reading “When the Image Lies”

The Violent Effects of Music

The Violent Effects of Music

Today children are being effected by the media. From so many corners of the mediated world we are thrown prejudice and social stigma’s that we believe should be followed. People have many anxieties that todays media will have a negative effect on the youth. This comes from something known as the ‘Media Effects Model’. The media uses its control over the audience in order to brand and form stereotypes. It is from this specific targeting that anxieties are formed. Are these anxieties really justified? And is the media really at fault?

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Welcome to my world 2.0

wollongong 2

Hi there

My names Eliza and I recently moved from the capital of the country to this nice beachy town in the pursuit of a career that could lead me practically anywhere. I think I would like to major in Marketing and Advertisement with a possible minor in PR.

Moving away from home at 18 with no friends, family or finances has been quite a scary experience but hopefully this experience will bring out the best of me and provide me with expanded knowledge and power to make a difference.

I study both BCM 110 and 112 (for now) so this blogging experience will be extremely interesting on both my opinions and perceptions about the current course and future work.

I’ll catch up with you all again in a few days (I need to write two blog posts asap :S), have a fun life and see ya soon.

Eliza 🙂