Essay Paragraph 1

Hey there guys, this is my first paragraph for my BCM112 Essay on the affect of convergence between Livestream and the audience. If you have a spare minute or 5 mind having a quick read and letting me know if you think i am on the right track? Maybe there is something else that you think I could include in order to make it a bit more interesting!

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Time to Empower Some Users!

This weeks lecture revolved around audiences and convergence. We’ve discussed technologies and industries and now we’ve finally hit the big topic of the audience and how important their role is within this beautiful trio that makes up the world of convergence. In todays age the audience plays one of the largest roles in the massive change. The following prezi discusses the new role of audiences and how different platforms encourage user participation.

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Open and Closed platforms are the talk of the town this week (maybe not the town but definitely in BCM112) and what a stir they’ve caused. In the major Apple vs Android debate it was easy to segregate who likes what when it comes to their iPhone in regards to customisation and control over the content. I personally am #TeamiPhone mainly because I would have no clue how to root an Android Phone. Though sometimes the iPhone may not be my best friend in the whole world sometimes it does come in handy especially when it comes to taking my amazing Instagram photos. Instagram, that media platform that since 2010 has taken the world by storm. It’s an application that encourages prosuming to the max. You can re-upload, comment, like and follow theres basically no limit to what you can do.  Continue reading “Openstagram”

How to get away with copyright…Not really, but here’s some people who have.

How many musical compositions are there actually in the world? Surely there will come a day when all the music that can be played, has in fact been played forcing the world to reuse the oldies for their quality beats. Many artists from One Direction to Madonna have all had either there music used, or have used others for new success. Many of these people never got in trouble for the similar sounding music and here are just a few to enlighten you. Who knows maybe some of your favourite tracks have in fact been copied or stolen?

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It’s Time To Embrace Convergence

It’s Time To Embrace Convergence


‘The Yellow Brick Road’ a daunting and scary path to take that’s for sure, but one that is known to eventually reach the destination of the mystical Land of Oz. The current process of convergence is the exact same as the yellow brick road, there may be many alternate routes and dead ends but just like the yellow brick road it will eventually reach and ultimate destination. Continue reading “It’s Time To Embrace Convergence”