The Rise of Social Media in Marketing

We all know what social media is, Facebook users create a population large enough to be the worlds third largest country.

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Today consumers can reach all their friends with one post (Brown, 2015), marketers have the opportunity to involve their consumers in their marketing strategies in brand new ways.

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Beauty and the Brand

Beauty and the Brand

For consumer-facing businesses an engaging brand community is the ultimate asset (Hong, 2015). Brand communities are online platforms allowing consumers to participate in feedback, advocacy and support, non-geographically bound (Peterson, 2014) and are a business strategy rather than marketing. They exist to serve us, the consumers who play a vital role in the brands ultimate legacy (Muniz, 2001).

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The Best Retail Experience


I am a shopaholic. Nothing gets me higher like the scent of fresh clothes that I have bought or taking off the packaging of a new perfume. However I think the thing that commits me most to buying a product is the way that I am treated in a store.

Often when I wander I am not looking for a direct product however if a sales person can connect to me I may in fact make a purchase.

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